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We're in the business of peoples' potential!


All people to know and live their life's purpose


Dream Big Institute uses an ASSET-BASED approach to help people PERSIST with strategies to succeed in both academia and life.

Life doesn't just have to happen to you

You CAN design the life you DESIRE!

Key Questions:

Why were you BORN?

Why are you HERE ?

What is your PURPOSE ?

Key Suppositions:

  • We were all born with a purpose.
  • Purpose is discoverable and achievable.
  • There is more than one way to succeed.

Isn't it time to re-think the meaning of success?

Shouldn't we consider:

Multifinality VS. Equifinality?

What is in your way of getting on your path to becoming your best self?

What would you do if fear of failure didn't exist?

"If you can dream it, you can achieve it"

- Zig Ziglar


Engaging Community Educational Leadership since 1996

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Dreaming BIG can be life altering

I needed a plan to escape the ghetto

Educators need motivation or enhanced skills

Professionals need a sense of fulfillment 

Some need culturally relevant teaching strategies, time management, or study skills, while others need inspiration and motivation (especially if you're working on an advanced degree).

"When you learn, teach. When you get, give."

―Maya Angelou

Career Summary

  • Professor at the Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Doctor of Leadership Program teaching and advising doctoral students; 26 new Doctors and counting!
  • The Culturally Responsive Teaching Program
  • Community Faculty Youth Development at the University of Minnesota

  • Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)®

  • Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Geography (Urban Social) from the University of Minnesota


  •  Going From the Projects to Ph.D.: Transcending My Geography, a memoir 2012 & 2015

  • Courage under Fire: Handcuffed and Gagged by the Streets, 2016

  • “Who is A Proverb 31 Woman,” in Raising A Proverb 31 Woman: Self-Esteem, Self-Worth and Self-Discovery of a Young Woman in Today's Time (Volume 1), 2014

  • “Innovations in Mentoring: Many Faces of Chosen to Achieve” in Breaking the Mold of Education for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students, 2012

  •  “The Black Church and Urban Youth Education.” 2007. CURA REPORTER. 37 (5), 20-26.

Classes: Advanced Teaching Techniques for Adult Learners, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Environmental Analysis, Communication in Adult Settings, Non-Western Ways of Learning: Implications for Leadership and Research, Systematic Instructional Design, Theories of Adult Learning, and Qualitative Research Design and Methods, Memoir: Telling Our Stories, and How to Get Published

  • Licensed Teaching Certificate, Illinois, 1997, K-9th grades

  • Association of Black Women in Education (ABWHE) MN President (2010-2014)

Now in association with: The Pye Family Foundation for Literacy and Education http://thepyefoundation.com

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